Snack Vending Machines


Floor standing snack vending machines generally vend a combination of snacks, confectionery and crisps. Depending on preference, this equipment can be configured to offer your staff and visitors any combination of the crisps, chocolate, flapjacks, health bars and various other confectionery products we offer. To ensure we offer the most expansive range of products possible for this machine type...

...we offer a core of products from market-leading brands such as Mars, Nestlé, Cadburys, Walkers and McCoys to name but a few.

...we sample new products when they are introduced to the market from a range of manufacturers and add them to our core if they prove popular with consumers.

All our snack vending machines are fitted with the guaranteed vend system, 'Surevend', ensuring products do not jam making refunds a thing of the past.

Excellent for: Workplaces with large workforces and a number of machines, offices, reception areas, educational institutions, leisure centres, hospitals and many more.

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