Cold Drink Vending Machines


Traditionally clients would have a branded chilled drinks vendor from a market-leading cold drinks manufacturer such as Coca-Cola or Britvic, however this meant the customer was tied to the manufacturer's range of products. With this in mind, ARV have grown to promote non-branded chilled drinks machines.

These glass fronted vendors can be configured to offer the end-user any combination of the standard 330ml can and 500ml bottle products we offer. Our range of cans and bottles is made up of still and carbonated drinks, health and energy drinks, milkshakes and still, sparkling and flavoured waters, all of which are manufactured by universally recognised brands.

Excellent for: Workplaces with large workforces and a number of machines, offices, reception areas, educational institutions, leisure centres, hospitals and many more.

The British Dietetic Association states that on average people should consume 2.5 litres of water per day for good health, which equates roughly to 6 or 7 glasses. Here at ARV we recognise this and are proud to offer a diverse range of quality water coolers.

Excellent for: Any location where a constant and instant supply of water is required.


Acis 720 Series
  • Acis 720 Series
Acis 520 Series
  • Azure Acis 520 Series
Acis FT40
  • Azure Acis FT40
Borg & Overstrom Classic
  • Azure Classic
Borg & Overstrom Elite
  • Azure Elite
Borg & Overstrom Sport
  • Azure Sport
Borg & Overstrom Unite
  • Azure Unite
Bev Max 4
  • Bev Max 4
Palmer B Can Machines
  • Palmer B Can Machines
The WaterLogic 2500
  • Water Logic 2500
The Waterlogic 4
  • Water Logic 4
The WaterLogic 2000
  • WaterLogic 2000

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